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About Us

The Peacock India Restaurant is a one-stop shop for customers curious about South Indian cuisines. Located at 1275 Eldridge Parkway, Suite 130, Houston 77077, we reside in the center of the town. We stay up from noon to11 at night. Visit us and get availed of the best of casual cuisines! 

Whether planning on spending a charismatic evening with your loved ones or planning a family lunch, we have all covered it. From family-style riffs to casual dining, we make sure to deliver the best of us. Go ahead and visit us at the Peacock India Restaurant.

Vegetarian Thali

Our Dishes

Our dishes are the center of attraction. We bring an Indian outlet located in a foreign country that
is majorly influenced by the composition of the culture. We are specialized in serving high-
quality food with fresh ingredients. Along with dining, we also have the takeaway culture that
customers mostly prefer. During Lunch we serve lunch combos and ala carte; that's one of the
favorites. However, we make sure to bring the best in whatever we serve, and that's why we also
have a widespread catering service.

Our Stars

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